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Alaskan Fishing

Fishing in Alaska is arguably the most popular activity by both visitors and native Alaskans alike. We are not an Alaskan fishing lodge, but we do a lot of fishing and we love it! We fish for all kinds of Alaska Salmon (Chum, Kings, Pinks & Silvers), Dolly Varden Trout in salt water, and Rainbow Trout and Kokanee (landlocked sockeye salmon) in fresh water lakes. We also offer Alaskan Halibut Charter & Salmon Charter fishing through local charters for an additional charge.


King Salmon Fishing

Fishing for Alaskan Salmon is a popular spring event.  The fish are caught on spinning rods using various baits and spinning lures.  Our guides will determine the best bait to use and help you set up, leaving you to just enjoy the fishing.  This is a unique fishery in that the fish are quite often visible as they slowly swim past the boat, making an opportunity for those interested to photograph them in their natural environment.  This is a salt water fishery; the fish are bright and fresh, making for good quality eating.  This is included in the cost of your stay.

Charter Halibut & Salmon Fishing

Homer, Alaska is considered to be the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World".  Guests can choose Halibut Fishing, Salmon Fishing or a Combo Day, making for lots of action and wonderful fare for the table next winter.
These optional charters are an additional charge.  Contact us to inquire about pricing.

King Salmon Trolling

Trolling for King Salmon is an ongoing summer event. As the bait fish multiply, the feeder salmon that depend on the bait multiply as well.  The bait also attracts whales which we see from time to time.  Numerous birds are attracted to the bait, diving repeatedly in an effort to catch the little candle fish or herring.  The bird activity alerts us to where the salmon may be.  If the salmon are feeding, now is the time to catch them.  The anticipation when trolling makes for lots of excitement and fun.  Inquire about additional charge for this activity.

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Scenic Halibut Cove

Discover Halibut Cove, Alaska’s hidden gem in Kachemak Bay.