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Alaskan Hiking

Hiking in Alaska provides some of the most amazing views of native Alaskan wildlife and the majestic surroundings.  Our guests at Alaska’s Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge have several hiking adventures to choose from. 

Glacier Hiking

This is a moderate hike beginning at a beach trail head winding its way through a boreal forest of spruce and cottonwood trees and other north woods vegetation.  The hike ends at a glacier lake formed by Grewingk Glacier, a glacier that continues to calve various slabs of ice some as large as a house.  These icebergs are observed in a unique way in March and April by ice-skating around and through them on the frozen lake.  In early spring, the days are long, the temperatures are mild and the sounds are hushed, as opposed to the summer months.  This activity is included in the cost of your stay.


Kachemak Bay is noteworthy for its large tidal exchanges and estuaries. Of particular interest is visiting the nearby tide pools which is fun for single travelers and families alike. If this activity is something that you would like to do during your visit here, please contact us for the best low tides.  This activity is included in the cost of your stay.

Alpine Ridge Hike

This hike will lead hikers above the tree line.  Here guests are free to wander around in the alpine tundra and enjoy the wildlife and flora that can only be found above tree line.  Visitors will come to appreciate the hardiness of that which thrives here and calls home. This hike is rated as Difficult. This is included in the cost of your stay.

Leisure Lake Hike

This is a good hike for mixed groups.  There is something for everyone, even for the fisherman in the family.  There are several smaller lakes where loons raise their young, as well as other nesting birds which may be found in and around the many bog meadows.  Once at Leisure Lake, pull up a piece of turf, wet a line and try your luck at catching a rainbow trout, or take your shoes off and enjoy the scenery and the sounds of being in back country Alaska.  Included in your stay.

Moose Valley Hike

This is one of our personal favorites.  We spend family time here nearly every year.  The setting is a valley surrounded by towering mountains, a clear water stream running through a forest of giant century’s old cottonwood trees, and willow and grass meadows.  Set perfectly in all this beauty is a mid-last-century cabin, built out of logs and chinked with moss in the old tradition of the pioneer days, a craft which the old timers took with them giving way to modern materials and techniques.  Take a glimpse through a window into Alaska history back to a time rich in simplicity, hard work and contentment.  Included in the cost of your stay.

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