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Adventure in Alaska

Trumpeter Swans

October 14, 2014

Today we received a phone call from our neighbor - "Quick, grab your camera!" We hustled the kids out the door and down the hill, and low and behold - Trumpter Swans! We sat quietly and watched them for about 20 minutes before they flew away, but that's the first time we've seen them here around the island. It's a good reminder to bring your camera everywhere!

According to the Alaska Fish & Game website, trumpeter swans and tundra swans are the two species of swans that nest in Alaska. Formerly named the whistling swan, the trumpeter is the world's largest member of the waterfowl family, with males averaging 28lbs. and females averaging 22lbs. Like all swans, the sexes have identical plumage, and both tundra and trumpeter swan adults are all white. They mate for life, although if one of the pair is lost, a new mate will be found before the next breeding season. Alaska's swans begin flying south in late September or October, depending on the weather. 

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